Your birthday present to me

NIAW 2014

Today is my 33rd birthday, and I’m asking you for a present.

You see, it’s also the last day of National Infertility Awareness Week.  And I’m hoping that I’m hoping that 33 of my friends will take two minutes to write their Senators and their Representative and ask them to support the Family Act.

Aside from purchasing our house, tackling infertility has been the biggest financial commitment we’ve ever made.  Many people don’t realize that only 15 states have laws requiring infertility coverage. Even the term “coverage” is misleading, because in some states (like California), insurance companies are required to offer coverage, but employers are not required to make it a part of their insurance package for their workers. In other words, companies aren’t required to accept infertility coverage for their employees, even though the insurance companies have to offer it.  

My own insurance covers nothing related to infertility diagnosis or treatment, so we’ve paid for everything out-of-pocket.  The federal tax code offers a medical deduction for expenses that go beyond 10% of your adjusted gross income, but that’s only for people whose expenses exceed 10% in a single calendar year. If you have a big bill in November and a big bill in February, you can’t deduct them both in the same tax year.

Last year The Family Act of 2013 was introduced in the Senate and the House.  This bill would provide a tax credit for out-of-pocket expenses for IVF and fertility preservation treatments starting with the first dollar spent.  It must pass by December 2014 to become a law.  

So, if you want to give me a gift for my birthday, please click on the links below to send a pre-written email to your two Senators and your State Representative.

Many couples facing infertility are forced to choose between their dream of parenthood and financial stability.  Consequently, parenthood after infertility is often only achieved by the wealthy.  

Odds are I’m not the only person you know who deals with infertility.  It affects 1 in 8 couples, but many people keep it a secret.  If you take the time to send an email today, you’ll most likely be helping several other friends or loved ones- not just me.  

So, happy birthday to me and thank you for the gifts!


2 thoughts on “Your birthday present to me

  1. Done. And yes, you are right. I do have several friends who are courageously facing this journey of grief, loss, and disappointment. It’s a very hard road, my friend, and you are walking it with beautiful transparent faith. I love you.

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