The best word to describe January 2014 in our household is cat.


This month, we officially took custody of our neighbor’s cat Hemingway.  He began visiting us when we moved into our house two years ago, and when we discovered he was no longer being cared for by the neighbor, we offered to adopt him.


It’s amazing how quickly we turned into full-fledged cat owners.  The first week he was with us, he had an abscess drained and we had to keep him indoors for 72 hours.  I stayed up two nights with him as he adjusted to staying in our house.


Recovering from his surgery

He’s all better now and loves the cat door we installed for him.  Yes, we’re those people…


He sleeps at the foot of the bed or on top of our clothes hamper, and is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever met.  My phone has quickly filled with videos and pictures, and my mother and mother-in-law have purchased numerous toys for him.  

I’m aware of the irony that the people who can’t have a kid have gone berserk over a cat, but oh well.  He really has brought us so much joy!

photo (4)


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