Seven months later…

I’m getting married in eleven days.  If you had told me eleven months ago that I’d be writing this sentence today, I would have laughed in your face, made a sarcastic comment, rolled my eyes, or burst into tears.  Probably all of the above.

Actually, I’m pretty sure I did all of those things when I came across two articles from Boundless, an online magazine from Focus on the Family.  Now, I’m not a Focus on the Family hater, but I’m not their biggest fan either.  Their definition of “Biblical dating” seems unrealistic and even unhealthy for anyone over the age of 21 and living out of their parents’ house.  Group dates?  Impossible when all your friends have babies.  No kissing?  Ha.  Haha.  HAHAHAHAHA.

Two articles, “From ‘Hi’ to ‘I Do’ In One Year” and “One Year From Now… You Could Be Married” stood out because I thought they were especially ridiculous.  Who in their right mind would meet and marry someone they’d known less than a year?  I would never do something so crazy.  After all, I’m an ISTJ.  I like routine, order, and playing by the rules.

But then I met Tom on December 10.  And very quickly, my world completely turned upside down.  In a good way.  As things started to get serious, I found myself going back to those two articles.  They suddenly seemed to make some sense.

Not only did they make sense, but they kept me grateful.  On the days when I get upset due to the physical distance between us or stressed out because of wedding planning those articles remind me what God has done for me.  The speed and the way in which it all happened helps me to remember that He performed a miracle in bringing Tom and I together.  And it keeps me humble.  I didn’t do anything right (on the contrary, I royally screwed up at the beginning of our relationship), and I certainly don’t deserve a spouse anymore than my still-single friends do.

God often speaks to me through books and articles.  The right book or article always seems to fall in my lap at just the right time.  In fact, I’d probably say that aside from the actual Bible, it’s how He speaks loudest to me.  But this is the first time (so far) that He has used something I initially disagreed with (and even ridiculed) to speak profoundly to me later.

3 thoughts on “Seven months later…

  1. First off, we are so stoked for you guys. Marriage is GREAT! highly recommended.

    Second, I always say that books have a way of finding me. And that, I think, works in other areas of life as well =)

  2. So happy for you and seeing what God has done in your life through Tom and your love for each other. It is an amazing journey and for sure a blessing from Him. Good luck and just enjoy this time.
    I also agree with you that God speaks through books and articles. I have always found that is one of the main ways I hear God. Maybe it is the nature of an ISTJ to learn in that way…

  3. Now it’s 9! I’m so excited for you Lisa. I think it’s so neat God brought you Tom and in just a matter of months get to be with him for life, what a blessing. Distance is HARD, I can attest to that and I’m happy you two get to finally be together soon.

    I wish you both the best and hope you have a fabulous final 9 days before your wedding. Enjoy every moment you can with him!!

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