The Really Important Things

Have not blogged in awhile. Hope to get back into the habit of it this fall. This past week I had a reminder of what the important things in life are: family, friends, and faith. Last Friday, September 1, my uncle was killed in a boating accident off the Gulf Coast of Florida. We almost lost my aunt as well. This comes only 15 months after my grandfather (my uncle’s father) lost his battle to cancer. Needless to say, this has been an extremely tough time for my family.

We flew to Florida to be with family and were just overwhelmed by the love and support that my uncle’s church showed our family. We were served breakfast, lunch, and dinner all week. Floors were mopped and swept, the outside of the house was cleaned, grass was mowed, weeds were pulled, laundry was done, new refrigerators were brought in, septic tanks cleaned, and the list goes on. Most of the news we hear about churches and church-people is negative. This past week I saw a true example of what a community of faith should be.

Around 500 people from Florida, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia and West Virginia showed up to my uncle’s funeral. Several people spoke and said he was their “best friend.” My aunt summoned an incredible amount of strength and gave a beautiful eulogy for her husband. Over and over again people spoke of my uncle’s gentleness and love for the “unlovables.” This was not funeral exaggerations. It was true.

One cannot help but think about if 500 people would show up at their funeral and say the same things about them. A lot of stuff that we think is important doesn’t seem so important when we try to put them in the category of either faith, family, or friends. I think my uncle would be appalled that all these people interrupted their schedules to come and honor him. But I also think he would be glad that it caused at least one person to think hard about the really important things in life.

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